About Us

Since May 2007 the Wing Chun University ® has striven to bring high-quality Wing Chun teaching to the world and make it possible for you to study this wonderful martial art even with today’s busy schedules. The WCU offers practitioners the ability to supplement their Wing Chun instruction by using online training in conjunction with your live lessons. Or you can use WCU as your official Kwoon. Our courses teach the complete system by top Sifus. They come with a full syllabus and you’ll learn everything from the open hand forms, the wooden dummy, butterfly swords and the proper techniques of the long pole. In addition, our world renowned Sifus are available for interaction through email, video conferencing/Skype, blogs, and more.

– To help develop and pro­vide the student with the best digital Wing Chun train­ing courses available.
– To help stu­dents mas­ter the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu as quickly as pos­si­ble.
– To provide enough in-depth information so that even current masters of the art can learn something from the courses.
– To keep the quality of teaching high by only working with the best teachers of Wing Chun.
– To provide at least one complete course per lineage/system of Wing Chun that teaches the student the entire system. This includes multiple Ip Man lineages and well as non-Yip Man lineages. (This is a huge project and will take many years- especially since the Sifus film their own courses!)