Academic & Instructor Certifications

Are you looking to become a certified instructor, or certified in your academic understanding of Wing Chun / Ving Tsun / Wing Tsun? Great! Certifications are now offered by certain Sifus in conjunction with their Wing Chun University ® video courses.

But let's be honest for a second - you cannot learn Wing Chun to a high level from videos alone. It is a system that relies heavily on structure and sensitivity, and you need a Sifu (Teacher) to personally instruct you in order to master these aspects. People who say you can watch a video alone to master this martial art are lying to you. We have no interest in doing so. Our goal is to bring you the best instruction available, not gimmick you into thinking you are going to become a master of this art by watching a few videos; and definitely not giving you a piece of paper saying so.

That said, you can learn a lot from videos, especially if used in conjunction with live training, or if you trained in the past. There are 2 certification paths that you can take. The "Academic" certification, and the "Instructor" certification. The important thing here is that the quality of instruction is kept high and that the Sifu knows YOU have mastered the skills to be certified under them.

Academic Certifications

Academic certifications are done via video conferencing and allow you to demonstrate to your Sifu that you have a working knowledge of the materials covered. This certification does not require you to travel to work with your Sifu, but it also not not certify you to teach.  It is a personal certification to show you acquired the academic knowledge of the subject mater.

Instructor Certification and Video Grading

The Instructor certification does give you the ability to teach the course material. To become a certified instructor one must pass the Academic certification as well as an "Instructor Path Practicum" - which means public and private training with your Sifu in person and testing by your Sifu (and SiGung for the higher sashes). You must understand one cannot learn from videos alone, much less become an instructor. You will have to pass all the same testing requirements as the other instructors in your lineage. If you live too far away and cannot travel to meet the instructor personally, or arrange for them to come to you, then you cannot be certified by them to teach (only certified academically).

Sifu Belonoha and Sifu Fernandez are offering both Academic and Instructor certifications at the WCU. 

Sifu Belonoha SaluteBe sure to download the 2016 Training Plan and System Overview from Sifu Belohona that tells you:
1) The best way to train with a daily training plan for 62 week mastery of the courses.
2) How to become certified as a student or instructor.
3) How to send in and get video assessments.
4) How to integrate and use the WCU course with his Blu-Ray DVDs and books.
5) What to buy and when (with coupons!)
6) And more...

Fernandez - Arms Crossed
- Please review Sifu Fernandez's WCU - Sifu Fernandez's WingTchunDo Intro & Grading PDF (updated 2015) for more details on the certifications he offers.

If you have any questions, please post them below.  Please make your your brain is engaged before typing ;) To become an instructor there are certain IQ requirements.

69 thoughts on “Academic & Instructor Certifications

  1. Abu Talut


    I am really pleased to see the release of such certification. I, however, do have a question. The hours that are mentioned for the Instructor Certification Path, how are they counted?

    For example, is it

    1) 50 Red + 75 Green + 75 Blue + 150 Black +150 Gold = 500 total hours (Gold Sash Instructor Path Practicum).

    or is it

    2) 150 total hours (Gold Sash Instructor Path Practicum).


    • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
      Sifu Wayne Belonoha

      Hi Abu, Thanks for the note. To ensure the instructor candidate meets the quality requirement we need to spend a fair bit of time with him or her. The total minimum number of hours each candidate will spend training in person with us is 500. Your answer 1 above was the correct one. Talk with you again soon.

    • Stephan Philip Morris

      Academic certifications are done via video conferencing and allow you to demonstrate to your Sifu that you have a working knowledge of the materials covered. This certification does not require you to travel to work with your Sifu, but it also not not certify you to teach. It is a personal certification to show you acquired the academic knowledge of the subject mater.

      So, according to the above the Academic Certifications requires no practicum… Is this correct?

      • WCU Admin

        That is correct, but the certifications are going to be going away in the near future.

        • Stephan Philip Morris

          All the certifications, including the instructor based certification? Is there anything replacing it?

          • WCU Admin

            Sifu Belonoha’s academic certification is, and there will not likely be a free replacement. Sifu Belonoha may continue it outside the WCU as a paid service.

  2. marcio

    ola sou do brasil eu gotaria a cetificao instrutor com eu faso

    • WCU Admin

      You are going to have to speak English to get any sort of certification. The details could be lost in translation otherwise, and it requires traveling to the US and training with your Sifu to be certified to teach.

      • Jon

        Translation is rough, but I think he is asking if there is a certified instructor in Brazil.

        • WCU Admin

          Right. All the instructors are currently in the US. We have some in Italy and Germany working on their courses now, but none in Brazil.

  3. K

    “The details could be lost in translation otherwise”

    ….kinda like a Chinese system taught in English?…

  4. Muhammad Naeem

    sir; i have already completed W C. course how can i get certificate

  5. Sifu Wayne Belonoha
    Sifu Wayne Belonoha

    Hi Muhammad, The first step is to do a video test for your red sash. After watching the white sash videos and practicing the skills, send me a video of you performing each of the white sash skills in the curriculum. I will grade your skills, and give you a scoring sheet with some things to improve. If you pass the grading, I will you an academic red sash certificate.

    Talk with you again soon.

  6. Darren Blythin

    Hi Sifu

    I have read some information on video testing I just have a question I think I remember you said the practicum hours become reduced after you complete a level if someone does a video assessment very well how much would the practicum hours be reduced by?



    • Darren Blythin

      Hi Sifu

      I sent a message a few days ago did you recieve it?

      I’ll be in touch


      • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
        Sifu Wayne Belonoha

        I must have miscommunicated somewhere along the line. The practicum hours for certification don’t get reduced – except by attending learning in person.

  7. Darren Blythin

    Hi Sifu

    I wondered I was reading through the certifate link details and it says having personal instruction from your own sifu I know I mentioned a while ago about me being too far away from where there is a wing chun instructor in England and I remember you saying about there are differences with the lineages I was just thinking if I bought your complete wing chun course and complete it by sending videos of myself to be assessed and obtaining academic certification would it then be ok to train with a sifu here in England and becoming an instructor that way?

  8. I have a sifu that is graduated from Moy Yat Lineage here in Brazil and I’m training together him. Today, I’m starting the Muk Yan Jong level from Ving Tsun.

    I found that is very interesting this Instructor certification. In my situation, What I need to be a Instructor Certified by Wing Chun University?

    • WCU Admin

      There are no shortcuts in the instructor certifications. You will need to personally train with the sifu and let him assess your skills. The videos will guide you and teach you what you need to know, but you also need face time with the instructor and to train a minimum amount of hours with him for each level.

  9. I have other doubts. That classes that you explain as “Attend a minimum of 50 Class or Private Hours Within 2 Month Period” is with my own sifu here in Brazil or need be there in Canada with you?

    In this case, my sifu is graduated in Moy Yat lineage, been his lineage, Moy Yat>>Leo Imamura>>Rogerio Baeta (Moy Ba Da)>>Rodrigo Santanna (Ba Jim I) –> (My sifu)

    About this certification, then If I’m in ending of biu jee traning now the “Long Bridge Chi Sau”, and will finish Biu Jee until september. In this case, need I to watch you video lessons for siu nim tao, chun kiu and biu jee or I can only apply directly to Red, green and blue Sash Instructor Path Practicums?

    How is this certification. Im able to be a representant from Wing Chun University in our country? Is this? Can you explain me better about this?

    I wait your urgent reply sifu Wayne



    • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
      Sifu Wayne Belonoha

      Hi Henrique, Thanks for the note. I’m happy to talk about your doubts. The 50 classes or private hours will be with me in Atlanta Georgia USA. For clarification, it’s a minimum of 50 hours – depending on how transferable your skills are to those in our curriculum. In order to certify you as an instructor, it’s paramount that we make sure you are fully qualified and have the appropriate level of skill for each item in the curriculum.

      If you are ending biu ji and long bridge chi sau, the skills may be similar so it’s not completely necessary to watch the videos. However, it’s recommended because the content in the video is what I will be checking for when we meet. If you have not watched the videos and have therefore not practiced a key skill, you will have to learn and train that skill with me. While that would be an efficient method of learning, it would be more costly than if you’d watched the video and practiced on your own.

      In order to apply for any sash, you must pass the test for the prerequisite sash so we cannot skip a sash. If all the skills are in order, the test will be nothing more than a quality assurance measure.

      Once you have passed the gold sash test you are certified to teach. I will visit our school in Brazil to give seminars and help you teach (and also help you improve your skills).

      While you are training the skills in your country, you can also send me videos of your kung fu and I will comment and help by offering suggestions. I use the same analysis tools as other professional athletes so we can communicate better and so you can see my suggestions clearly.

      Thanks for your questions. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
      Sifu Wayne Belonoha

      Hi Pedro, Sorry for getting your name wrong in my last note, I seems to have come through as Henrique.

      You had a few good questions in your email and I’d like to reply to them here as well.

      When somebody is part of the instructor program, email is not the only correspondence. I also use Facetime (for mac) and Skype (for PC) to video conference so we can review the techniques and discuss in person. As well as the video correction technology that I discussed before.

      I also do want to use email to keep track of longer lists and articles and for documentation.

      I cannot find the facebook friend add that you sent. Facebook only allows 5000 friends, which is why I had to create a public page. I would prefer if you “liked” that page and you will keep track of all my updates. We can also converse using facebook too.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  10. Only for note, my sifu is this last called Rodrigo Santanna (Ba Jim I)


  11. Sifu Wayne,

    Please add my skype that is vingtsunbrasil, and will be more easy in our contacts. Was very good your clarification about all questions, and we will continue talking, and I will organize me to be ordering your videos for training. For now thanks and I wait you add me in skype. My faceboom is If you can add me we can talke to facebook messager too. I wait you return. Thanks

  12. Jeff Davis

    Is there an instructor that i can do my face to face time with near Washington state?

    • WCU Admin

      If you want to train under Sifu Wayne’s system, then the two schools he has are in Atlanta, GA and Calgary, Canada. If Sifu Wayne knows someone in that area that you might be able to train with/under maybe he will chime in.

      We do have a Sifu coming online soon that should have a school in that area, but the system is completely different.

      • Rey

        Which lineage will this be?

        • WCU Admin


          You can get certification in 2 lineages at the moment:

          Ip Man -> Moy Yat -> Sunny Tang -> Sifu Belonoha -> You
          Ip Man -> Leung Ting / Chu Shing Tin -> Sifu Fernandez -> You

          Sifu Fernandez does has a satellite school in Washington State, I believe.

  13. Tom

    How do you pay for the certificate

    • WCU Admin

      Hi Tom,

      All certifications (academic or teaching) are handled on an individual basis. When you are ready to test for something you will email us and we, or your Sifu, would setup a payment. You would send in your videos via the most convenient method (private YouTube link, or etc). You just let us know when you are ready to submit and what you want to test for.



      • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
        Sifu Wayne Belonoha

        I’d also like to add that it might be worthwhile to stay in touch regularly before the test to get feedback and potential corrections or confirmation of correctness either through skype/facetime or by sending a video to me for review and comments.

  14. hamid sheikh

    How do I send you a video for Red Sash certification?

    • WCU Admin


      The easiest thing to do is post it online (a private YouTube Video) and send us the link in email. (Admin [at] Really it can be sent any number of ways, whatever you feel comfortable with. Most people prefer the YouTube private video, though.

      • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
        Sifu Wayne Belonoha

        Hi Hamid, Another option is to send the video directly to me by email. When doing the review of your video I will do voiceover so you can hear my comments, and I’ll also draw over the video as well. To do these things I’ll need the video on my computer.

        Posting a youtube video is a good option for general comments but for the video assessment an email would be a bit more convenient. If the video is too big then you can send it to me using .

        I look forward to seeing your video!

  15. Krzysztof

    Is any Sifu in Belgium?

    • WCU Admin

      I believe the closest is one of Sifu Fernandez’s schools in France.

  16. Doug

    I’ve looked all over the website and see no fees posted for the certifications. I am thinking about participating in the online course but; however, I have no idea what i am getting into. I can see tat the training videos are a fairly good price but if the certifications themselves are cost prohibitive I am not sure I want to do this. I am serious about getting the certifications but need to know cost for the Ving Tsun and the Wing Tsun Certifications. Thank you

    • WCU Admin

      They start at $20 and go up from there. Sometimes they are done for free. It depends on the level and time required by the teacher to review your videos. It is not expensive. It is about you, not about making money on certificates.

  17. Doug

    one more question. If I opt to take the Fernandez course how often do you test using the lesson plan versus the grading? is this somethign worked out with Sifu Fernandez? The PDF wasn’t clear about this.

    Thanks again.

  18. Doug

    I have begun to review and practice Sifu Fernandez’s program. At some point in the near future I would liek to begin sending videos for review. how does this process work, is there an site where videos are uploaded, and can I have the contact information?

    • WCU Admin


      Email us about this (support at We are setting up a new cart that will explain this feature better – but it is still a few months out. In the mean time it is all done manually to accommodate the student and the technology they have available. So we will work with you personally for this step.

  19. vishal rampuria

    si fu sir,
    currently i am positioned in india, i don;t find more qualified wing chun instructor in my area to teach me higher level,please guide me

    • WCU Admin


      I understand you completed the 3 forms, but unfortunately we cannot certify you for work under a different teacher. You would have to work with one of the Sifus here and go through their complete system. I am sure if you have mastered the 3 forms in another lineage the progress will be quick.

  20. vishal rampuria

    sifu sir,
    how should i start please guide me,because i have already lost my precious 18 years,with money behind learning wing chun, now i am no where.

  21. Damián

    I live in Uruguay (South America), next to Brazil. I trainned wing chun for 6 years. So i can pass trow the academic certification to really teach the art?

    • WCU Admin

      To teach you will need to train one-on-one with the Sifu you want to represent so they can make sure your skill and teaching ability is good enough to represent them.

  22. Thierry


    What a pitty to not be able to pass instructor certifications by another way for us to move ourselves in USA or Canada.

    For me (and for other peoples), living in France, it will be difficult to travel for each instructor level in Canada (don’t want to go in United States). And for that amount of classes.

    No other way possible, online, by a deeper followed way, and paid subscription ?

    • WCU Admin


      Sifu Fernandez has schools in France, Italy, Belgium, etc. Sifu Belonoha would require you to visit him in US/Canada – but I am sure if you want to fly him over to you he would be open to the idea. But to answer your question – no. There is no way a legit sifu will grant you permission to teach under them without testing your skill personally or testing your teaching ability. We are not in the business of handing out cheap certifications. You must demonstrate your knowledge and skill to be a teacher under these guys.

  23. Thierry

    Ok …

    With that said no way to have a official school in Europe by any way that permit us to pass instructor certificates ?

    If I take myself as example, I have to come 5 minimal times in USA or Canada (and take plane) and pass +500 hours with sifu to have full instructor grading system.

    Woah 🙂

    I was very motivated by the courses, but now I know that, motivation takes a shot ^^

  24. WCU Admin

    I’m not sure I understand the exact question. If you want to represent Sifu Belonoha, you must train with him. Your other training may help a lot and you may be qualified to teach, but to prove your skill and ability you must be tested. Sifu Belonoha does not yet have a school in France, so maybe you can be the first. But as of now, there is no way to be tested for his system in Europe.

  25. Ben

    Hi Sifu,

    I have a few questions.

    In order to reach an instructor certification, how many times in total would I need to train with you personally in Atlanta?

    Where should I start, as far as your curriculum goes, in pursuit of an instructor certification?

    Do I get sashes from you (pending successful examinations, of course), or will I need to get them myself?

    Thanks in advance, and I’m excited about the prospect of training under you.

  26. Carl

    I was just wondering if there was a certified instructor in the Montreal, Canada region. The DvD’s and structure of the teaching are truly interesting.

    • WCU Admin

      Unfortunately, there are not. All the schools are listed here: There might be good teachers there that are similar, but none that would follow the more refined WCU curriculum(s).

  27. So if I take your class online and completed
    Them all I’m I allowed to be certified to teach wing Chun?

  28. I was thinking the same thing
    if I take your class online and completed
    Them all I’m I allowed to be certified to teach wing Chun?


    • WCU Admin

      Hi Eli,

      No, that is not correct. To teach and represent one of the Sifus you have to complete their instructor requirements. That requires a lot of personal time with that Sifu and meeting his/her requirements for skills, knowledge, and etc. And they will want to personally verify your skills. You can see all the lessons online and nothing is held back, but just watching the videos does not allow one to teach and represent the lineage.

  29. Nick Nardo

    Hello Sifu my name is Nick Nardo I have done wing Chun in the past under an IP Ching lineage however I had to move and only got to chum kiu I’m looking to get started back up again and also have a couple of people I train with I have a couple of questions 1 do you have an online set course through each rank or something I live in las Vegas Nevada and looking to start a school up in the next year or so I love teaching and there is really no wing Chun schools out here I see there is an instructors path but I’m curious about the time and hours as well as the price please email me or call me at 702-339-8108 thanks again Nick

    • WCU Admin

      Hi Nick,

      Which Sifu are you referring to, specifically? Did you see Sifu Belonoha’s Training Plan? I’m not sure if it answers your questions (WBVTS-TrainingPlan.pdf). Please take a look if you have not already and see if it helps.

      If you are referring to Sifu Fernandez or Saccoia, please let me know.

  30. Nick Nardo

    I’m actually referring to Sifu belonohas. And I’m also wondering about his instructor program and prricing

  31. WCU Admin

    HI Nick, If pages 24-28 of the .pdf do not answer your questions, please email ( admin at wing chun university .com ) us with the specific questions you still have and we’ll forward it onto Sifu Belonoha for you.

  32. Nick Nardo

    That kinda of summed it up for me but do you have a monthly rate for each course or the videos

  33. WCU Admin

    Hi Nick, We do not have a monthly rate anymore. We decided a while back to just make all the videos available. You can get the Blu-Ray set on or downloaded from the University store. All the WCU videos are now in the store as well. You can buy them in bundles or one at a time as you see fit.

  34. Ken Battinus

    Hello, i have a couple questions…

    Based on the 500 hour requirement to achieve certification, please clarify the requirements and investment.

    For example, if each hour cost $80, then $4000 is the investment plus vodeo and book educational materials?

    Can one commit to an immersion program in Atlanta? If so, what are the parameters for that opportunity?

    • Ken Battinus

      I meant $40,000 within the previous comment.

      • WCU Admin

        Hi Ken, I will let Sifu Belonoha email you about this one. You would be training under him to become an instructor, so he would need to work that out with you personally.

      • Sifu Wayne Belonoha
        Sifu Wayne Belonoha

        Hi Ken, Thanks for taking the time to write.

        While I would certainly be happy to take on a $40,000 teaching engagement, a more economical method comes to mind.

        If you can commit to an immersion program in Atlanta, join the school as a regular student and come to all the classes and workshops. Also come to the group events and dinners. Then, if you wish, you can also sign up for personal coaching sessions. If you are coming to every class you will learn quickly. Our program will step you through the curriculum and how long it takes to finish depends on the frequency and quality of your practice. Classes are $180/month and that includes a personal coaching session.

        The 500 hour requirement is a base requirement. That means it may take more hours depending on how quickly you develop the skills, but it will not take less. It does not mean if a person attends 500 hours they will automatically be certified; there is testing along the way to ensure the skills are developed to the right level. I think it’s reasonable to assume we would not be able to guarantee everybody would finish the complete system with high quality after 500 hours of hands-on practice since people vary so widely in their aptitude. So we use 500 hours to set a baseline.

        If you are training regularly at class and with me, the books and videos will reinforce the same information you will be receiving during class, so they are helpful but not mandatory. Reading the books and watching the videos will help reinforce the knowledge, so you will know what exactly to practice.

        Does that help clarify?

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

  35. Sifu Wayne,

    I just purchased the WCU videos and Compendium Vol. 1. Once the book gets here I will start the daily training.
    I also intend on testing in Georgia eventually as I figure out the financials and logistics involved in that (I sent a couple questions via email last night.)
    But my question here is: Is it possible to purchase the Wai’s Kung Fu uniform online? I’d like to have as formal a process for training as possible.
    Thanks in advance.

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