Affiliates! Our program is made with you in mind. We want our application syndicated across the net and will pay you good money to help!

You won't just be sending people to our page hoping they buy - we will make you a completely new application hardcoded with your affiliate info and give you your own tracking toolbox so you can see exactly what is selling and what you are earning! (As as a matter of fact we can even have your logo, layout, or colors branded into the app). And since it is hardcoded it doesn't matter where it is downloaded from or who passes it around, you will always get credit for your sales... forever! There is no way for people to bypass you like they can with traditional affiliate programs.

Just like we take care of our Sifus and pay them the highest rate we can, we also take care of you. We will pay you the highest rate that we can and make sure you get your money on the 15th of every month. Our affiliate program currently pays 25% of gross video sales.

Imagine, you get all of our work, all our videos, all our relationships and our name to make money with; you get a hard-coded application people cannot bypass and a toolbox to track all your sales - and as an affiliate you will often make more than we do!

Email us to learn more.