The following courses are currently available at the University, and even more are on their way!

The Complete Ving Tsun System

Our premiere course is taught by Sifu Wayne Belonoha, author of the Wing Chun Compendium series of books (which happen to be the text-books for the course). Sifu Belonoha has produced an elaborate 62 week training plan encompassing the complete Wing Chun system, just as he learned it from Grandmaster Moy Yat (a disciple of Ip Man) and the renowned Wing Chun challenge fighter, Sunny Tang. This detailed curriculum is the most comprehensive and highest quality ever produced. Here is your chance to learn the real thing.

Be sure to download the 2016 Training Plan from Sifu Belohona that tells you:
1) The best way to train with a daily training plan for 62 week mastery of the courses.
2) How to become certified as a student or instructor.
3) How to send in and get video assessments.
4) How to integrate and use the WCU course with his Blu-Ray DVDs and books.
5) What to buy and when (with coupons!)
6) And more…
Also grab Sifu Belonoha’s Course Catalog PDF for more info on this course’s individual lessons.

Official Course Description:
With this video series you will learn all the small details required for mastery instead of what is typically presented on video – a superficial glossing over of each technique. With true understanding and practice mastery can finally be yours. Countless customers have marveled over the high quality instruction and overwhelming detail given by best-selling author Sifu Wayne Belonoha – often calling this series “the best and most complete martial arts videos on the market”. Download the free intro video from within the application and see for yourself – little details make a big difference.

“The best and highest-quality martial arts videos on the market… The most complete Moy Yat system videos.”

Download this Sifu Wayne Belonoha's Videos  at the Wing Chun University

The Complete WingTchunDo / WingTsun System

Download Sifu Fernandez’s WingTchunDo Course Introduction and Grading PDF here for more info on this course.

What is WingTchunDo?
WingTchunDo™ is the martial art system formulated from the training and fight experience of Sifu Fernandez. This is based on the WingTsun™ system, created by Grandmaster Ip Man’s penultimate private student, GM Leung Ting, as well as the teachings of Ip Man’s third disciple, GM Chu Shing Tin and the Ip Chun lineage via Felix Leong.
This is the most in-depth look at the WingTsun (Wing Chun) system ever put on video. The WingTsun™ System is from the Yip Man lineage passed down to Leung Ting. It is the most practiced version of Wing Chun in the world – yet the higher levels are kept secret and students are charged tens of thousands of dollars to learn them. It is not uncommon for a Sifu, like Master Fernandez, to have spend over $150,000 acquiring this knowledge. Now, for the first time ever, this system (and all of its secrets) is taught openly to the public. This includes the famous Butterfly Swords and Long Pole (acquired from 2 lineages and blended wonderfully together) – which have never been shown on video or taught publicly before.

Sifu Fernandez started his studies under Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin’s student Jim Fung in 1972. He was at the time the youngest student to ever learn Wing Chun in Australia. (Chu Shong Tin is Ip Man’s 3rd disciple). He later studied under various Sifus of the Leung Ting lineage (learning the westernized versions of the system), and then under Grandmaster Leung Ting himself (learning the Chinese versions of the system) (Leung Ting was also a private student of Ip Man – about the 15th one more or less). Master Fernandez has also worked security for over 20 years, including body-guarding Grandmaster Ting himself. He has had hundreds of documented fights from his work, and many more “encounters” working security at clubs. He comes to you with 40 years in the martial arts, the knowledge of 2 complete Wing Chun systems, and a lot of real street-fighting experience – and with the pure intention of teaching you everything he knows.

WingTchunDo is Sifu Fernandez’s evolution of the WingTsun/Wing Chun system. You will learn the Chinese version, the Westernized version, and Sifu Fernandez’s evolution of the system to encompass modern fighting systems and teaching you how to adapt and use your Wing Chun in every situation possible.
Fernandez  - Gon Sao
“…at over 92 hours of instruction, this is the largest and most complete video course ever made for the art of Wing Chun. The level of detail Sifu Fernandez goes into is amazing! Plus he reveals the WingTsun Butterfly Swords for the first time on video as well as all the WingTsun system ‘secrets’… Not to mention the improvements to WingTchunDo based on 40 years of fighting experience. Thank you, Sifu, for honestly giving us the entire system (for the first time ever!) with nothing held back!”

Official Course Description:
Finally, the complete WingTsun & WingTchunDo systems in full detail! With WCU’s WingTchunDo course you will learn all the training methodology and secrets of Wing Chun (WingTsun) Kung Fu – There are absolutely no secrets are held back! You will learn the whole system from beginning to the end – everything is explained, including the smallest detail, leaving nothing to chance. Students have been blown away by the sheer volume of instruction given by Sifu Fernandez – calling his course “the largest and most detailed martial art video course on the planet”.

Sifu Fernandez is a recognized master with over 40 years in the martial arts and 20 years experience as a bouncer and bodyguard. He has put together for you the largest and most complete video course ever created (over 75 hours of instruction when initially released)… and that is not including all of the updates he adds to the course as it evolves and is refined by the global interaction of his students and teachers. His aim is to not only teach you the complete system, but to give you the most realistic view possible on “real combat street defense”.

This Wing Chun University course is academically certified by Sifu Fernandez and even gives you the chance to open your own school with the proper mastery!

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The Complete Applied Wing Chun System

“This course will teach you the correct interpretation of Wing Chun principles for real combat and teach you the proper way to train them so they work when your life depends on it”.


Why should you invest your time to watch these Applied Wing Chun Video lessons? After all, there are literally thousands of videos and books already on the subject of Wing Chun, and Grand Master Yip Man taught everyone the same things. So does the world really need another video lesson on this subject? Consider this. Yip Man did teach everyone the same techniques, but because everyone’s understanding is not the same, there exists today many different interpretations of these applications and most importantly, different understandings of the principles that govern Wing Chun. The only true way to know for sure if your understanding of the principles and techniques of Wing Chun is correct, is to ultimately APPLY it to PROVE it in combat.

The lineage of Applied Wing Chun comes from Duncan Leung who was given the nick name of the “Wing Chun Warrior”. He is a private disciple of Yip Man who had literally hundreds and hundreds of brutal fights while learning to apply his art. He has proven the principles and application of Wing Chun and has taught the same to many students, including the author of this video series, Larry Saccoia. Larry himself learned the application of Wing Chun through a countless number of fights.

In these video lessons Sifu Larry Saccoia explains and demonstrates these principles in a logical straight forward manner so they are easily understood. Understanding these principles as well as the correct way to train the techniques provides the foundation required to apply Wing Chun in a combat situation. These lessons are laid out in chronological manner as to allow the student to build a solid foundation and move forward to advanced studies. Therefore, it is recommended that even if you have previous experience in Wing Chun, you should still start from the beginning of Lesson 1 and work your way through each of the lessons in order. The same principles you might already be familiar with are likely presented (and more importantly, trained) in a way that you may not be familiar with (but that you will come to appreciate).

Download this Sifu Saccoia's Videos at the Wing Chun University

The Complete Wing Chun Jook Wan Huen Bamboo Ring System

This is the most in-depth look at the Jook Wan system ever put on video. The Jook Wan Huen Bamboo Ring System is a product of the early years in the development of Wing Chun. Sifu Rea takes you through the foundations of this method that the Secret Societies used to evolve Wing Chun and train beginners easily and quickly in the essential structural elements necessary for skillful Wing Chun boxing. Historians believe members of the nineteenth-century group called the Read Boat Opera Company (aka the Red Flower Union and the Plum Blossom Opera) used the bamboo ring as a means of training the emerging style of Wing Chun Kung Fu under the guise of a dramatic performance implement. In addition, when training on board their boats, the Red Junk members would often practice the ring methods in a seated position due to congestion on board, rough waters, or slippery decks.

While not filmed in a studio, these HD videos are very good quality and cover the foundations/fundamentals of the system. The rotational Ging power you can develop from the rings is immense and it is worthy of attention from all practitioners of the art. In addition the Jook Wan system is one of the finest and quickest methods of acquiring certain kinds of Ging and structure within Wing Chun prior to or in combination with studying the forms. These videos are not to be missed! If you need rings, you can grab some at Everything Wing Chun. The 10″ steel ring is best for most people.
“…some consider the practice of the Jook Wan Huen to be the final level of refinement in Wing Chun…”

Download this Sifu Rea's Videos at the Wing Chun University

Wing Chun Power

Grandmaster Greg Yau is different from other Sifus. With two uncles that trained with Yip Man and over 4 decades of experience teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu – and working closely with physicist, scientist, doctors, acupuncturist and psychologist – he believes his course contains the most advanced training and conditioning short-cut methods to date. He truly cares about his students and he teaches them to get in great shape preparing for their Kung Fu training. His course on Wing Chun Power, is a must for those who want to learn quickly and become powerful. Get his videos and you will enjoy learning Wing Chun even more. Here are some of the things covered:
“…the most advanced training and conditioning short-cut methods to date…”

– The secrets of Yi Zhi Keem Yueng Ma are reviled to help you get faster and more powerful fast.
– Never seen before modern training techniques are introduced to the public for the first time.
– Learn how to balance your head and connect your head to your body to work as one unit.
– Learn to how to focus your eyes, placement of your tongue and special breathing techniques.
– Learn to balance your shoulders, open your diaphragm and strengthen your core for endurance.
– Learn how to build a solid foundation using your spinal nerve system.
– Learn how to use body mechanics for extra power.
– Learn how to unite the body using your shoulder blades for a more solid foundation.
– Learn how to make a more powerful fist.
– Learn how to unite the body and arms by super stretching.
– Learn how to train internal awareness for effortless power.
– Learn how to connect your mind and body through focus, concentration and meditation.
– Learn how to strengthen your bone joints for total body connection.
– You will learn the secret Wing Chun muscle and tendon change exercises
– This is the preparation for Muscle Tendon Change and Bone Marrow Strengthening exercises for advance training.

These video comes in both 720p and 1080p. You can play either, depending on your system and internet capabilities.

Download this Sifu Yau's Videos at the Wing Chun University