How it Works

Step 1 - Pick a Sifu and Course to study.

Step 2 - Purchase and download the videos.

Step 3 - Study the videos and do any required training.

Step 4 - (Optional) Film yourself practicing the skill set taught in the video and send us a video of yourself. Your Sifu will send a video reply telling you how to improve your skills!*

Step 5 - (Optional) For Academic certification, you will send in a video of yourself demonstrating all of the skills required for that Sash/Grade level. Your Sifu will review your skills and either approve the certification or tell you what you need to fix/train more on. See the Certification page for more details.

Step 6 - (Optional) For Instructor Certification you will need to goto one of the certified schools of your Sifu (these schools are not affiliated directly with the WCU, only your Sifu) and train with them to prove your skill set. Your Sifu can help arrange your visits for testing.

* via the Personal Analysis/Video Review Service. Does not apply to all Sifus (currently Sifu Wayne and Sifu Fernandez offer this). You get one FREE review per lesson. Follow-up reviews are $4.99 each.

Details on Step 2 - Purchasing and Downloading:

The videos for each course are available for Instant Download through the Wing Chun University® (WCU) application and/or instant streaming. They are encrypted downloads that you get full lifetime access to (re-download at any time). They are NOT raw .avi/.mp4 files. This means you cannot burn them to DVD and can only watch them on a TV if your TV has internet access or you stream the videos from your computer, iOS, or Android device to the TV. Here is how that works:

1) Go shopping (to start hit the big red button below), add the videos you want to the cart and checkout like normal. You MUST create an account with a valid email and password when you check out. This email and password will be used to access your downloads later.

2) After checking out you will be sent an email from our partner, Platform:Purple. Once you get this email from PlatformPurple then you have access to the download. You can then watch the video one of a few ways:

A) Download and install the WCU application from the Download box at the bottom of this page. Once installed you log-in using the email and password you created upon checkout. You will then see all your purchases and can download them to your computer.

B) You can watch the video on any internet enabled device. Just to go the Cloud Player and log-in using the email and password you created upon checkout. You will then see all your purchases and can watch them online.

C) You can get the purple:player app for iOS or Android devices. Download it from the bottom of this page. Install the app on your device. Once installed you log-in using the email and password you created upon checkout. You will then see all your purchases and can download them to your device OR stream them to the device.

Download for Desktop & Laptop Computers

Have a Macintosh OS X or Windows laptop or desktop computer? Download the free desktop purple:player app and enjoy perfect video playback even if your connection is slow or intermittent, or you're offline completely. Features: Download or stream anything in your library, copy videos to your mobile devices, instantly search your library, use external hard drives, one click to add more titles to your library

Download for Mobile

Want to enjoy your library on your iOS or Android device, anytime, anywhere, in perfect quality whether you're online or not? Download the free player app for iOS or Android and have instant access to your entire media library via streaming, or copy over downloaded media from your computer and enjoy perfect video playback, anytime, anywhere, online or offline. Includes: Full chapter menu, fast forward and rewind, slow motion backwards and forwards. Compatible with almost any: Apple iPad™, Apple iPhone™, Apple iPod Touch™, & over 3800 supported Android devices!

Streaming / PS3 / Linux / Smart TVs

If you have a fast, solid internet connection (WiFi or ethernet) you can instantly stream any of your content from the following devices by going to:

- Smart TVs (with browsers)
- PlayStation 3
- Android & Windows tablets and phones
- Mac, Windows and Linux desktops and laptops
- iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
- Apple TV (via AirPlay from an Apple computer or iOS device)
- Chromebooks