Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below, please contact us or post your questions at the bottom of the page. We will reply to it on here, so be sure to subscribe to the comments.

General FAQ

Do you offer certification? Can you learn Ving Tsun from Videos alone?

Do you offer/teach the entire system?

Are you an accredited University? Can your courses be transferred for College credit? What about being an Accredited Sifu?

Player/Application FAQ

You can find a lot of info within the help section of the application itself. Most FAQ's are answered there. We posted a few here for your reference.

Can I make a video of myself and send it to the Sifu for corrections?

What resolution are the videos?

Can I watch downloaded programs on my TV?

Can I transfer videos I have purchased to my iOS Device (iPod/iPhone/iPhone)?

What format are the downloaded files in? (.avi, .mp4, .mov or etc?)

How many computers can I play the downloads on?

How can I watch my programs on a different computer?

Am I able to burn videos I've purchased to a DVD?

What if my hard drive crashes or I buy a new computer?

Can I save my videos to an external hard drive?

I want to delete the videos I have purchase from my computer. How?

Can I enjoy my downloaded programs even if I’m not connected to the internet?

How long does it take to download a course?

Can I slow down or loop a section of video so I can better learn what's going on?

19 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Muhammad Naeem

    can you give visa to meeting with the master ?

    • WCU Admin

      We do not offer VISA service; you would have to get your own VISA and then schedule a meeting with your Sifu.

  2. Abu Talut


    How do we post videos ad-hoc assessments?

    Abu Talut

    • WCU Admin

      well, you can use the “Add Video Comment” button below to add them to a thread, but I recommend uploading them to your YouTube account, making them private, and then sending the link to us. (

  3. Jane

    How could I “authorize this computer” if it is a touch-pad? I can’t do it without a programe, but here I can only play files in my library, but they are not able to play seems because I played my videos onto 2 computers before.

    • WCU Admin

      Jane, Yes, that is right in that you can only authorize the player on 2 computers. It is an anti-piracy issue. You can try to log onto the same computer you installed the application on, or you can play it with the cloud-player:

      If you need to de-authorize a computer please contact


  4. Darren Blythin


    Are you able to uninstall the wing chun university download and then reinstall if I want to?



    • WCU Admin

      Yes, of course.

  5. Darren Blythin

    Ok that’s great

    I wondered how do you uninstall the downloaded software?

    I’ll be in touch


    • WCU Admin

      Same way you uninstall any software really. Depends on if you are on a Mac or PC and what OS you use.

      If you want to just remove the videos to free up space and re-download them later you can do that as well. To delete a purchased video, Alt-Click (Mac Users: Option-Click) on the title under “My Video Lessons”. You will be asked you you want to delete the file. Click “Yes” to delete. You will be able to re-download the deleted movie at any time.

  6. fabricio

    videos include language spanish ?

    • WCU Admin

      The videos are currently in English only.

  7. fabricio

    could incorporate captions in multiple languages ​​supporting detail says ( subttles)
    many Latino people are interested

  8. steven sipolo.

    I do not have a visa card or other cards to buy lessons from you.what about sending you money through western union money transfer?If yes e-mail me the reciever’s name and address.

    • WCU Admin

      At this point a credit card or PayPal are the only methods we accept. If you only have cash, you can go buy a pre-paid credit card. If you have a bank account, you can hook it up to PayPal.

  9. Jose

    I already own a few of the videos, if I buy the bundles that have them would I be credited for the ones I already own?

    • WCU Admin

      Hi Jose,

      Yes, but not automatically. So please email us (admin [at] and tell us exactly what you own (and under what email) and what you want to buy and we can make you a coupon.

  10. voltaire

    can lessons be played on ipad?

    • WCU Admin

      Yes they can. You will need the PurplePlayer App (free) for iOS or Android to play the videos.

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