About the Wing Chun University and our lead instructor, Sifu Wayne Belonoha

Wayne Belonoha

Ving Tsun Sifu/Instructor

Our Premiere Sifu is Wayne Belonoha.   Wayne Belonoha is internationally recognized as a seasoned and sought after Ving Tsun instructor. He has been involved in numerous performances, television appearances, demonstrations, interviews and published articles, including performances for Queen Elizabeth and the grand opening of the Ip Man Hall, Foshan, China. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has recognized Wayne as an individual with extraordinary ability and has authorized an EB1 permanent resident visa (green card). Wayne runs the Atlanta and Canada branches of his school Wai's Kung Fu.

He is a multiple gold medalist at national and international level competitions. Sifu Wayne is well known for his Wing Chun Compendium series of books, which are widely recognized as the modern text-books on Ving Tsun.

Wayne Belonoha knows how to teach – with a professional background in the corporate world delivering project management education, Wayne has honed all the skills that make for a successful, informative, and enjoyable learning experience.

Wing Chun University

World Class Online Training

Started in 2006, the Wing Chun University has been an innovator and leader in online Wing Chun instruction for many years.

The WCU presents the entire Wing Chun system from multiple lineages in full detail.


Currently we have over 160 hours of quality instruction online from five Sifus/teachers: 

  1. Sifu Wayne Belonoha,

  2. Sifu Ferdandez (Wing Tchun Do),

  3. Sifu Tyler Rea (Jook Wan Hurn Wing Chun),

  4. Sifu Larry Saccoia (Applied Wing Chun), and

  5. Grandmaster Greg Yau.