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Sifu Fernandez Wing Chun

Sifu Fernandez

Ving Tchun Do

Sifu Fernandez comes to you with 40 years in the martial arts, the knowledge of 2 complete Wing Chun systems, and real street-fighting experience – and with the pure intention of teaching you everything he knows.

Sifu Larry Wing Chun

Sifu Larry Saccoia

Applied Wing Chun

Larry Saccoia started learning Wing Chun from Duncan Leung in 1977. Larry became the most skilled student in the school and was acting as Sifu Leung’s assistant instructor and eventually became his private disciple.

Sifu Tyler Wing Chun

Sifu Tyler Rea

Wing Chun Rattan Rings

Sifu Tyler specializes in the study of Chinese and Southeast Asian Martial Arts. He is recognized as a scholar in the history of traditional Chinese systems and in the comparative study of systems from around the world.

Sifu Greg Wing Chun

Sifu Greg Yau

Wing Chun Power

Grandmaster Yau is different from other Sifus. With two uncles that trained with Yip Man and over 4 decades of experience teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu – his course on Wing Chun Power is a must for true skill development.

Sifu Wayne Belonoha Wing Chung Kung Fu Master, and Instructor at Wing Chun University


Hi, I’m Sifu Wayne Belonoha and I’m very excited to be able to offer the complete Wing Chun course to you. Whether you’re a seasoned instructor who is interested in the details of another Wing Chun style, a beginner who wants to have the confidence they’re learning a complete system from a reputable instructor, or are training with another school and want to fill in some gaps or improve your critical thinking – this course can help.

How to get Sifu Wayne’s Courses & Videos

You currently have 3 ways to access Sifu Wayne’s videos, books, and online courses (as well as our other teacher’s materials). Currently you can take his full course online, download watch the videos/lessons in an application (works like Netflix, etc), or watch the videos on blu-ray disks. His books are available on Kindle and in print. There are a few caveats for each platform/method, so learn more about each and access the materials at the following sites:

Wing Chun Courses on Teachable


Sifu Wayne’s online course is the best option for people wanting to learn at home. It is updated constantly with Q&A videos, Pro-Tips, and Faults & Fixes videos. Sifu Wayne also answers your questions in the comments sections. This course has been refined and updated multiple times since its release in 2012. It was the first online Wing Chun course to cover the entire system in complete detail. Each step of the system is laid out in order and has accompanying homework including reading and specific drills/exercises.


Online Course


Streaming Only



Wing Chun Courses on Platform Purple


Sifu Wayne’s videos are available for download (within the player application) as well. If you don’t want the course format and/or want to be able to view the videos offline, this is your best choice. The entire system is available and has the latest core system content. You will not get the Q&A, Pro Tips, or Faults & Fixes video updates, nor the chance to ask Sifu Wayne questions (unless you email him directly) but otherwise the content is the same.


Videos in a Computer/Phone/Tablet Application


In-App Download + Online Streaming


New Workshops
(Sold Separately)

Wing Chun Courses on


Sifu Wayne’s videos are still available (while supplies last) as Blu-Ray disks. These disks contain the complete core system, but just the 2015 version. They don’t integrate other videos like the digital versions do. This is good for people who want to learn the system but don’t want to be limited to online videos or streaming. Also, Sifus Belonoha’s books and dit-da-jow are available here. It is an excellent resource for all your Wing Chun training needs.


Blu-Ray / Print Books


Blu-Ray format


None. All updates are digital.

3rd Party Reviews of WCU Teachers & Lessons:

Student Testimonials

Just Like Harvard

The online course is just like the one I took from Harvard University.


Truly professional instruction.

Truly professional instruction. I get the details and support I need to really excel. I always knew something was missing when I was learning from other teachers. This is the only place where I don’t have that feeling. All my questions are answered.

Business Owner

the real deal

I’m from China and I have seen a lot of kung fu and met a lot of high level kung fu players. I will say with confidence that other world class martial artists respect sifu Wayne for his skills, knowledge & friendliness. I’ve seen school owners come ask to learn from him more than once. He’s the real deal.


learning a ton

I’m learning from the guy who literally wrote the book on wing chun. I am learning a ton, my confidence has grown, and I even got to meet and work with actual students of Patriarch Ip Man.